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Three methods of relieving dark circles

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Black circles make people look very bad, and once they grow, it is difficult to fade. To get rid of the dark circles, we must first distinguish the causes and types, in order to "prescribe the right medicine for the symptoms". Japanese life website "Peach" introduced three ways to alleviate dark circles.

The skin is loose and the circles of the eyes are black. With age and skin relaxation, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity, and black circles gradually form under the eyes. It is recommended to use eye cream to enhance skin elasticity and massage around the eyes. In addition, edema can lead to the worsening of dark circles of the eye, avoid the habits of insufficient sleep, too much water before bed, heavy diet and other habits that aggravate edema.

The blood circulation is not smooth and the eye rim is blue. If the circulation of blood around the eyes is not smooth, it will appear blue and black. Anemia, long-term visual fatigue, lack of sleep will lead to poor blood circulation. Massage the face and scalp, cover the hot towel or wear a hot eye mask, do exercises to promote systemic blood circulation, and often take a hot bath can improve this kind of glaucoma.

Pigmentation, brown eyes. Often rub the eyes, ultraviolet radiation so that melanin deposits around the eyes, which is a kind of stain. It is suggested that eye makeup should be gentle, sunscreen should be done well when going out, sunglasses should be worn when ultraviolet radiation is strong, and skin care products with whitening effect should be used. In addition, if periocular allergies, itching, inflammation, resulting in regular rubbing of the eyes, will make the pigmentation more serious, should be timely medical treatment.



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