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More mask should be applied to clean in spring?

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More mask should be applied to clean in spring? Be careful to step into the misunderstanding of skin care

Spring in the North continues the dryness of winter. While the temperature rises, pollen, willow catkins and wind and sand are also "disturbing". Many people are allergic to spring and their faces are red and itchy. So, in this allergic spring season, what problems should face care pay attention to? What skin care misunderstandings need to be avoided? Consult Jim, the chief dermatologist, to see what skin care advice he has.

1. Don't over-clean

Excessive cleaning is a common misunderstanding in spring skin care. Many people think that in spring, when the wind and sand are strong, they should clean the skin frequently, but this will lead to thinning of the cuticle of the skin, which will not only reduce the resistance of the skin, cause skin sensitivity, but also may cause large pores. Therefore, Jim suggests cleaning 1 to 2 times a day in general, using cleanser at night and water in the morning.

2. Do not change skin care products frequently

Many people think that seasonal change, cosmetics also need to be replaced, especially skin care products, in fact, there is no scientific basis. The adaptation of skin to skin care products requires a process. Frequent replacement will reduce the resistance of skin to external changes, especially for sensitive skin, which will increase the possibility of allergy. If it is necessary to replace skin care products, it is recommended not to replace the whole set of skin care products at the same time, but to gradually replace them in a small range.

Three, do not over apply the mask.

There is a saying that the skin is easy to dry in spring, so it should be applied more often. Actually, this is not advisable. After finishing the mask, though the skin feels very moist, it is only the result of excessive hydration of the skin stratum corneum. In simple terms, the stratum corneum of the skin "drink" water and drink more. This will accelerate the exfoliation of the stratum corneum, thereby reducing the resistance of the skin to the outside, redness and heighten the sensitivity. Therefore, Jim suggests that the mask should be applied 2 to 3 times a week.

4. Do not increase skin burden

Spring skin care should be moisturized and sunproof, but care should be taken not to increase the burden of skin. Many moisturizers have similar efficacy and do not need to be repeated. In addition, for the use of sunscreen products, Jim said that the spring ultraviolet radiation is not strong, long-term outdoor activities in the crowd need to be re-painted, while the long-term indoor general population 1 to 2 times a day, choose SPF value between 30 and 50 sunscreen products. People with make-up habits should also try to choose light foundation or liquid foundation.

Jim reminds us that the causes of facial allergies are very complex. If severe symptoms such as swelling, itching and pain occur, we must see a doctor in time to find out the causes of allergies in order to prescribe the right 



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