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You'd better not wash your hair before dyeing it.

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Everyone has a heart for beauty. Nowadays, hair dyeing is common for everyone, and the use of hair dyeing products is also increasing. Careful people will find that many instructions for hair dyes say that it's best not to wash your hair the day before dyeing. Why on earth? What else should I pay attention to when I dye my hair?

The scalp secretes a certain amount of oil every day. It's better not to wash your hair one day before dyeing because the principle of hair dyeing is to use chemical composition to open hair scales, and then make artificial pigments into the cortex of hair, and combine with some of the natural pigments of hair to form the desired color. However, scalp is easily stimulated or injured by harmful substances in hair dyes during hair dyeing process, and the grease on the scalp surface will form a natural protective film, which reduces the probability of the scalp's allergic reaction to hair dyes, such as tingling.

However, no matter what kind of hair dye is used, it will cause some damage to scalp and hair. So what can be done to reduce the harm of hair dyes to users?

1. Read the product instructions carefully before use and recommend skin sensitivity testing. Skin tests are recommended before each use, especially when replacing products. A small amount of hair dye can be applied behind the ear and observed for 48 to 72 hours. If skin swelling, burning and other conditions occur during the test, it should be avoided on behalf of the user who is allergic to this hair dye; if there is no reaction, it means safety.

2. When using, we should pay attention to the physical condition and take good protective measures. First of all, users should check whether the skin of easy-to-contact parts of hair dyeing products such as head and face is damaged, whether there are erythema, papules, etc. If the above situation should be suspended; secondly, gloves, earmuffs and other protective measures should be worn to avoid hair dyeing products and skin contact when using; thirdly, if hair dyeing products inadvertently enter the eyes, they should immediately rinse with clean water.

3. Avoid repeated hair dyeing in a short time. Even if consumers feel that the color is not ideal, they need to change or complement the color more than a month apart.



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