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Question and Answer on Cosmetic Safety Knowledge

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Q: What is the difference between cosmetics and foreign medicines?

Answer: The main differences between cosmetics and foreign medicines are as follows: First, the requirements for safety are different.

Cosmetics should be highly safe and do not allow any stimulation or damage to the human body. External medicines act on the skin for a short time, and may cause weak irritation and adverse reactions to the human body, which are allowed within a certain range.

2. Different objects of product use

Cosmetics are used for healthy skin, while topical drugs are used for sick people.

3. Different purposes of use

The purpose of using cosmetics includes cleaning, protection, nutrition and beautification, while the use of external medicines is for the treatment of diseases.

4. Different effects on skin structure and function

External medicines can affect or change the structure and function of skin after acting on human body, while cosmetics can not. Although some cosmetics for special use have certain pharmacological activities or certain functions, they are generally weak and short-lived, and will not play a systemic role; the pharmacology of external drugs can be stronger, deeper and lasting.

Question: Why can't you buy cosmetics from beauty parlors in the mall?

Answer: Cosmetics are divided into daily cosmetics and professional cosmetics according to different sales channels.

Among them, cosmetics of daily chemical line refer to products sold in stores, supermarkets and monopoly stores, characterized by mild, high safety and generally applicable to the general public; its efficacy is not strong, mainly to maintain and simple basic care, the skin surface will not change significantly before and after use, the effect is slow; promotion methods mainly rely on advertising and word-of-mouth transmission. Sales volume is large.

Professional line cosmetics, also known as hospital line cosmetics, refers to products sold or used only in beauty parlors or professional beauty clubs, which are purchased and used under the guidance of beauty professionals with a clear purpose. Professionals of beauty agencies design different matching and use schemes according to different skin conditions of customers, and customers need to adjust production in time according to different courses of treatment. The collocation of products. For example, some professional line cosmetics are used when the beautician is engaged in professional nursing in the beauty agency; some need customers to purchase them and use them at home under the guidance of the beautician; and others are used for medical cosmetology.

Professional line cosmetics sales channels are from manufacturers to agents at all levels, and then to beauty parlors or beauty agencies. Because they are not sold in shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, they are not promoted by advertising, but by the recommendation and sale of professional personnel of beauty agencies.



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