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Massage the whole bone to make the face smaller? It's impossible

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Japanese Xiaoyan Bone Massage Can Reduce Face by Hand? It's all rumors.

Rumor: "Japanese Xiaoyan Bone Massage" is a non-invasive and non-side effect massage technique. Just massage with bare hands and squeeze fat, it can eliminate double chin and edema. By adjusting bones and narrowing bone seams, it can become a beautiful "V" face.

Truth: "Bone Suture" is a pseudo-concept of massage and osteopathy with a risk of injury. On X-ray, there seems to be a big gap between the bones, which is not photographed cartilage, ligaments and other tissues. "Bone seam" is a pseudo-concept. When the human body matures, the skeleton will not regenerate and there will be no suture. The same is true of the skull, where the parts are firmly united and cannot move with each other. Therefore, it is impossible for the zygoma to "push forward". If the face really becomes smaller due to osteopathy, muscles and soft tissues may be at risk of injury.