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Skin care products should be coated with at most several layers

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Surveys show that women use 12 kinds of skin care products on average every day, which means that more than 100 chemicals are applied to their faces every day. Does this help to perpetuate youth or accelerate aging? Skin care is divided into basic skin care and intensive care, the former includes cleaning (cleansing and makeup removal), moisturizing, sun protection, the latter includes whitening and wrinkle resistance. The following principles should be followed in the use of skin care products in order to achieve the goal of beauty preservation:

1. Clean and remove makeup correctly. Sunlight, dust, skin metabolites and cosmetics all form dirt on the skin surface, so cleaning is an essential procedure. Need to emphasize that after using cosmetic products do not need to clean again, only cosmetic oil, cosmetic cream and other products containing more oil, will remain more oil on the face, need to clean again. Sensitive skin should be cleansed with safe cosmetic products.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing and sun protection. Whatever product is used, there must be a certain order of use. If the order is wrong, it will not work. Generally speaking, the products with the smallest molecular weight will increase progressively, and finally use the largest molecular weight, usually in the order of make-up water, essence, emulsion and cream. Sunscreen is usually the last step. If you use sunscreen foundation and powder, you can't use sunscreen products alone.

3. Proper whitening and wrinkle resistance. This is the basic skin care on the basis of intensive care, is aimed at people with whitening and wrinkle resistance needs. Because whitening products are usually acidic, it is easy to cause dry skin after use, so it should be used with moisturizing products.

4. Simple make-up. In daily life, light makeup or "naked makeup" is recommended. If the skin is in good condition, just touch the foundation with a little powder, then apply thin powder to make up makeup, cheeks sweep the blush, lips Tu Shaoxu lip gloss and lipstick, the state of the human will be very good, and the complexion will appear natural and bright.

5. Regular adjustment of product structure. Many women's skin condition is worse than usual in the week before or during the season change. In these special periods, it is suggested that skin care should be subtracted by using only basic skin care products, and using safe and insensitive cosmetics as far as possible to reduce irritation.



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