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get their ears pierced

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Operative methods of ear hole:

"Ear nail gun": This method is easy to operate, but the disadvantage is that the disinfection is not strict and infection easily occurs, and the selected ear nail must be matched with the ear nail gun. (jewelry stores, nail shops are included in this list)

Laser Perforation: Use laser beam to penetrate the earlobe. Local will have varying degrees of burning sensation, redness, swelling, secretions. This method should be performed by a laser operator.

Disposable aseptic ear piercing device: This method requires the purchase of disposable aseptic ear piercing device, fixed on the earlobe after pressing, no pain. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to remove. This method is popular in Britain, America and other countries.

Surgical perforation: This method is carried out under aseptic operation. After selecting the puncture point, the earlobe is disinfected locally and perforated manually with disposable venous indwelling needle. Due to the use of strictly disinfected disposable instruments and the attention paid to sterile operation during the operation, it can ensure safety and minimize the infection of bacteria, hepatitis B and other infectious diseases.

Matters needing attention:

The method of ear piercing with indwelling needle is more common in hospitals, and this method of ear piercing is more safe and hygienic. It is necessary to hang up plastic and cosmetic surgery to punch ear holes in hospitals. Many people think that punching ear holes is an ear, nose and throat department, which will make a big joke.

In fact, the ear-piercing that pain is not deceptive, there will be a little pain, but not strong, can be tolerated. At the end of the operation, the earlobe will be slightly reddish, swollen, feverish and painful, but the duration will not be long.

Avoid contamination with water as much as possible. Use medical iodophor 1-2 times a day, followed by alcohol. Ointments are not recommended because of their low content of active ingredients and the fact that they are too thick to absorb dirty things. A week later, it will be replaced with gold and silver earrings.

Don't wear too big and heavy jewelry too early. Wearing pure gold and silver earrings can avoid allergies.

If scar hyperplasia occurs, the reason is related to infection on the one hand, and personal constitution on the other. Once it happens, it can be improved by scar needling, magnetic patch compression or surgery. Lobe cracks are mostly caused by overweight earrings or pulling Earrings by external forces. Once this happens, surgery is needed.

Supplementary Notes:

1. Alcohol disinfection can not eliminate hepatitis C virus

2. Street stores are usually gunshot nails, susceptible to infection.

3. No need to rotate the indwelling tube every day

4. A piercing hole usually does not bleed.

Reasons for not piercing ears:

2. Fear of pain, dare not

3. Buying earrings is another expense



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