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Cold Water Washing Face, Beauty and Health Care

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Water, for human beings, can be divided into "oral" and "external" use. "Wake up a glass of water in the morning, insist on gastrointestinal lavage," said, "oral administration." "External use" means "washing your face in cold water, brushing your teeth in warm water and soaking your feet in hot water".

As the saying goes, "Cold water wash your face, beauty and health care". In the morning, when you wash your face with cold water, you suddenly feel clear-headed and clear-eyed. Cold water wash your face has a strong exciting effect on the brain nerve, which can make your mind more clear and energetic, and is more beneficial to the elderly. Cold water makes pore shrink, and when the stimulation of cold water disappears, these blood vessels will quickly produce reflex congestion and expansion. This relaxation, known as a good "vascular gymnastics", promotes the blood circulation of the face, improves the nutrition of local skin tissue, makes the skin full of elasticity, increases the gloss and lubrication of the skin, and slows or eliminates facial wrinkles. Cold water facial washing can also exercise people's ability to resist cold, through the stimulation of cold water on the face and hands, improve the body's adaptability to cold, prevent respiratory diseases such as cold, rhinitis, tracheitis, and prevent frostbite on the face and hands. Of course, some people are afraid of cold, so cold water washing can be gradual, from summer to winter, habits become natural.

It is worth noting that people with oily skin should not wash their faces with cold water, because oily skin often accumulates a lot of sebum, dust and cosmetic residues on their faces. When cold water shrinks their pores, they can not wash their faces effectively. They can not achieve cosmetic effect, but can cause or aggravate skin problems such as acne. Therefore, oily skin in the first step to do cleaning, you can use hot water to wash your face, after cleaning, use cold water to clean again, that's the best.

The health proverb says, "Brush your teeth with warm water and grin your teeth." Human teeth are suitable for normal metabolism at the oral temperature of 35-36.5 degrees Celsius. Toothpaste is more abundant in warm water than in cold water, which is good for oral cleanliness. Frequent stimulation of sudden cold and hot teeth may lead to gum bleeding, gingival spasm or other dental diseases. If you brush your teeth with cold water for a long time, you will end up with the result that you are not old and your teeth are old. A Japanese survey shows that the life expectancy of teeth is 10 years shorter than the average life expectancy of human beings, which is rooted in "brushing teeth in cold water". Therefore, gargling with warm water is not only beneficial to teeth, but also to remove bacteria and food residues in the mouth.



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