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Two kinds of food definitely induce acne! Don't eat too much.

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There is now the best evidence for two foods that may aggravate or induce acne: milk/dairy products and sugary/hyperglycemic index foods.

Acne is caused by androgen, which acts on androgen receptors. Similar to the process of inserting a key into a keyhole to open a door. Insulin or insulin-like growth factor (= IGF-1) is also needed to open the door.

Milk and dairy products increase insulin and IGF-1 levels in the body, thus opening up androgen receptors.

Sugars also increase the levels of insulin and IGF-1 in the body, so they play a more important role in the process of opening androgen receptors. Some foods that are rapidly converted to sugars (foods with a high glycemic index) can also increase insulin levels.

In addition, milk and dairy products contain androgens and some hormones that can be converted into androgens. And milk tea, the perfect combination of dairy products and sugar, will aggravate the development of acne.

If you have acne, you can also apply retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid is often used to treat acne in clinic, and Adaparine is one of them. However, improper application of this drug will affect the effect of use.

Cleaning the face before applying Adaparine can not only promote the absorption of Adaparine by the skin, but also remove excess oil. Therefore, it is better to choose a cleanser with better oil control effect.

It is difficult to master the dosage of the whole face. Adaparine can easily irritate the skin to dry and desquamate. Adaparine can be applied to the whole face for 3 minutes, then washed with water to reduce skin irritation.

You can also dip a bit of Adaparine in the toothpick head and apply it only in the place of acne.

Adaparine is photosensitive. It is easy to cause skin allergies when it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation during the day, so it can only be applied at night. We must pay attention to sunscreen during the day.

You can choose special sunscreen for sensitive muscles. If there are many acne and skin inflammation is serious, you should not use sunscreen. It is suggested to use physical sunscreen methods such as hats and masks.



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