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One in 10 people has kidney disease! Teach you "Kidney Protection"

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When it comes to chronic kidney disease, most people think of edema, low back pain, hematuria, even uremia and dialysis. Although it is terrible, it is rare and far away from themselves.

You think too simply. Doctor Abraham pointed out that any abnormality in urinalysis, blood test, ultrasound or glomerular filtration rate (GFR) measurements, such as an effective glomerular filtration rate of less than 60% and more than three months, is a chronic kidney disease.

One in 10 people in the world suffers from chronic kidney disease

22 year old Marie White (pseudonym) face and feet edema, she went to the hospital for a check, the doctor found that his kidney problems, and the culprit, actually is in a beauty agency for more than six months of whitening mask - contains heavy metal ions of mercury. It is not uncommon in life to see cases of kidney damage caused by such behaviour.

Statistics show that the global prevalence of chronic kidney disease is about 10%, and is expected to continue to increase to 17% in the next 10 years. This means that about one in 10 people suffers from chronic kidney disease. It is estimated that more than 500 million adults suffer from chronic kidney disease worldwide.

Kidney disease is also known as "invisible killer, silent killer" and "richness disease", because it often has no symptoms in the early stage, more late complications, low cure rate and relatively high treatment costs. Therefore, Tang Er reminds us that early prevention and early treatment is the best way to treat kidney diseases. Once the diagnosis and treatment is delayed, dialysis therapy is usually used to prolong life.

Attention should also be paid to the slight elevation of renal function indicators

"Physical examination found that the renal function index is a little higher, it should not be a big problem." Do you have the idea? Marie White said that this is a common misunderstanding among the general public, which is very harmful to the early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Most kidney diseases are abnormal at the earliest stage by urine examination, and this abnormality may not be uncomfortable for patients at first.

Therefore, Marie White suggests that normal people should have regular urine tests every year, and B-ultrasound and kidney function tests if necessary. For patients with diabetes and hypertension, it is better to check the urinary microalbumin every six months, understand the condition in time, and actively accept standardized treatment. Once the abnormal indicators such as urinary protein and red blood cells appear in urine examination, we should seek further diagnosis from nephrologists immediately.

Marie White cautioned that creatinine, an important indicator of renal function tests, should be taken seriously, even if it is only slightly elevated. Because our kidneys have a strong compensatory function, as long as one of the two kidneys can work properly, we can maintain the normal range of renal function indicators. Therefore, once abnormal elevation of indicators is found, kidney function damage is often more than 50%. Therefore, a little increase in creatinine is not a trivial matter, we must correct this misunderstanding.

Scientific medication, do not suffocate urine, "kidney" list to see

In our daily life, how should we protect our kidneys scientifically? Marie White has a list of kidney care.

1. Use drugs scientifically to avoid drug abuse: Kidney is the main metabolic organ of drugs. If you need to use drugs, you should try to use them under the guidance of your doctor. Do not take drugs indiscriminately, especially painkillers, various local herbs, etc.

2. Illness should be treated in time: the other extreme corresponding to "taking drugs randomly" is that many people think that "drugs are three poisons", so they shoulder or not to take drugs when they are ill. However, it is possible that minor illnesses will become serious illnesses, which can be cured by taking medicine in a day or two. Finally, it will take 10 days, 1 month or even longer to treat them, which will bring greater burden to the body, especially to the kidney.

3. Controlling blood pressure and blood sugar: Hypertension and hyperglycemia are important "black hands" affecting kidney health. Therefore, we should pay attention to taking medicine on time and control blood pressure and blood sugar smoothly.

4. Drink plenty of water, not suffocating urine: Adequate water can reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the kidney, help waste discharge faster and better, and prevent urinary tract infection, urinary calculi and so on.

5. Scientific diet, quit smoking and alcohol: We should pay attention to avoid high salt, high fat, high protein diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. No smoking and no drinking are the two principles of kidney-nourishing and kidney-protecting.

6. Don't stay up late. Strengthen exercise: Staying up late can easily destroy the normal physiological rhythm of the human body, reduce immunity and affect health. Exercise can improve the body's immunity and build a good protective shield for the kidney.

7. Regular physical examination: When checking up, especially urine examination, kidney disease can be found in time.



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