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Someone with allergies

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In recent years, with the comprehensive effects of air, food and physique, the incidence of allergic rhinitis, eczema, urticaria and asthma is getting higher and higher, and "allergic physique" has gradually become a fashionable topic.

According to the survey, 40.9% of the infants interviewed had or were suffering from allergic symptoms. Some children even have allergic rhinitis shortly after birth, and are labeled "allergic constitution". In general medicine, people who are prone to allergic reactions and allergic diseases but can not find the cause of the disease are called "allergic constitution".

Why are many people allergic?

Reason 1: Family inheritance

Heredity is one of the most important factors in allergy. According to research, allergies have a strong family heredity, usually parents have allergic constitution, children are very high risk of allergies. Allergy is an immune allergy, which initially helps the human body resist foreign invasion, but now it has become a disease of modern civilization.

Reason 2: Environmental Change

The major environmental changes are allergens and air pollution. Allergens include pollen, dust, dust mites, animal fur and so on. Air pollution includes second-hand smoke, automobile exhaust, factory exhaust, etc. But breathing air is the basic condition for human life, so it is difficult to eliminate dust, pollen and various pollutants in the air.

Reason 3: Free radicals in vivo

The existence of a large number of free radicals in the body is an important cause of allergies, and also the root cause of more and more allergies.

Reason 4: Other Reasons

Changes in lifestyle, the use of food additives, the abuse of antibiotics, and increased stress in life are all causes of allergic constitution.

How to self-judge whether it is allergic constitution?

Urticaria vulnerability: Urticaria is a limited edema reaction of the body due to the reactive expansion and permeability increase of small blood vessels in the skin and mucosa. It is mainly manifested by sudden itchy edema of the skin or mucosa, red or pale, acute attack, rapid disappearance, leaving no trace after disappearance, commonly known as "rubella mass".

Asthma susceptibility: This is a chronic non-specific inflammatory disease of the airway. Airway hyperresponsiveness is the main feature of asthma, typically manifested as paroxysmal asthma, cough, sputum and audible wheezing in the lungs.

Easy to suffer from sore throat: The main manifestation is that the pharynx can have various discomfort sensations, such as foreign body sensation, itching, burning, dryness, slight pain, dry cough, phlegm and more difficult to cough, speech is easy to fatigue, or in brushing teeth, gargling, speech is prone to nausea and nausea.

Susceptible to nasal obstruction: Common causes include rhinitis, sinusitis, deviation of nasal septum, nasal polyps, etc.

Easy to sneeze: An unconscious "reflex" when driving out foreign bodies in the nasal cavity. The trigeminal nerve located on the nasal mucosa gives instructions to the respiratory muscles acting on the lungs, forcefully expelling air to expel foreign bodies from the country.

Runny nose: There is only a small amount of mucus in the normal nasal cavity, which is in a wet state to maintain normal physiological function. When the nasal cavity has pathological changes, it can cause changes in the nature and quantity of nasal secretions. Nasal discharge is called runny nose.

Allergy to drugs or food: After taking certain drugs, it is easy to develop skin rash, edema and other symptoms. After eating certain foods (such as seafood), it is easy to develop skin rash, diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Can allergic constitution be improved gradually?

Stay away from allergens: If you are allergic to pollen, it's better not to approach flowers and plants. You can also take some medicines to prevent allergies, or use some nasal spray medicines as an adjunct treatment. Dietary choices: Eating should be light, balanced, with appropriate mix of coarse and fine, and the compatibility of meat and vegetable is reasonable. Eat less buckwheat, broad beans, white lentils, beef, goose, carp, shrimp, crab, eggplant, wine, pepper, strong tea, coffee and other spicy products, fishy hair and food containing allergens.

Breastfeeding can significantly reduce allergies. Allergic babies are given supplementary food after six months. If the intestinal absorption is still unstable and vomiting is prone, the supplementary feeding time will be delayed. In addition, infant diet should be light, seasonings and pigments should be reduced as much as possible.

Home health care: Clean up before using air conditioner or fan, and air conditioning should not be too low, otherwise the endocrine of people with allergic constitution is prone to problems, leading to allergies. To maintain indoor cleanliness, bedclothes and sheets should be washed and sunned regularly. It is not appropriate to move into the house immediately after indoor decoration.

Seasonal health care: Reducing outdoor activities in spring can prevent allergies to pollen. It is not suitable to keep pets. We should live regularly and take an active part in various physical exercises to avoid emotional tension. In seasonal change or sensitive season of your skin, you should reduce the chance of using products you are not familiar with.

Skin care: Minimize the use of unfamiliar skin care products. Do not excessively clean and exfoliate, in order to avoid further damage to the skin barrier function, and thus increase the skin's sensitivity to skin care product ingredients. With desensitization therapy, this method is actually a very formal treatment, but it takes a long time and costs a lot.