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The global prevalence of autism has reached 1%.

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April 2 is the 11th World Autism Concern Day. Many people think that autistic children are autistic and do not like to talk, but this is not the whole of autism. Some of the expressions that used to be considered "bad children" are now included in the autism spectrum disorder. Because autistic children communicate with people at distant distances like distant planets, they are called "Star Children".

Six or seven thousand autistic children are visited in one year

An unnamed doctor told reporters that autism, also known academically as autism spectrum disorder, has a broader definition than before, and the whole range of issues, from light to heavy, has been included in the autism spectrum disorder. Globally, the prevalence of autism is 1%. In individual countries and regions, this figure is even higher. For example, at the end of 2018, the United States reported that it had reached 2.5%, which is increasing year by year. Many parents know the concept of autism, and they will also detect the early signs of autism. Some children are only one or two years old, and may be brought to see a doctor.

Autistic children may be labeled "bad children"

Bella, a 6-year-old elementary school student, usually has no friends and likes to touch other people's stomachs, whether they want to or not. I like to stir up people and play pranks. I am very happy to trip up my classmates. The students were unwilling to play with him. The teacher criticized him many times. He still went his own way.

Ariel, 7, attends elementary school. He often asks repeated questions and must get answers. At school he would do all kinds of strange "experiments", such as blistering seeds, which smelled the whole classroom. Every word must be written in the middle of the grid, not at all askew, so his homework is always procrastinating...

Doctors cite these two examples. Two naughty children that we all remember are actually one of the autism spectrum disorders. Doctors told reporters that there is a big difference between the severity and mildness of autism spectrum disorders. Take social interaction as an example. Only severe social disorders are totally ignored, that is, we all know the concept of "hearing but not seeing". Mild symptoms are in fact the opposite of another state: children want to communicate with others, but their social skills are backward and they do not understand how to regulate themselves in this complex social environment. So mild illness is a desire to communicate, but lack of skill.

Autistic children, there are some warning signs before they are two years old

Doctors told reporters that the current clinical diagnosis of autism, at the age of two, the diagnosis of stability is better, before the age of two, there are still some warning signals. For example, in six months, parents may find that the child has no interacting pleasure and does not like to look at others; in 12 months, he does not respond to other people's names, does not identify five features, can not distinguish between relatives and strangers, does not babble and babble, and so on. These are signals that can help us detect autism early.

For autism, the whole society initially advocated that we should recognize it. We should know that there are such a kind of diseases and groups of people. Now we advocate that we should tolerate and accept autistic children, create a friendly environment, and help autistic children in depth. Ultimately, doctors say, they hope to develop technologies that can contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of autism. For example, there are some computer-aided diagnostic techniques that can help early detection of symptoms. There are some assistive technologies to help these children communicate with others. Just like myopia, we can solve problems by matching glasses. In the future, we may also use assistive technology to help children communicate with others effectively, so that patients can get a good quality of life.



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