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Surveys show that adults watch the screen for nine hours a day

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In the digital age, mobile phones and tablet computers have almost become the "accessory organs" of people's bodies. They can not be separated from each other for a moment. They all take mobile phones to eat, take buses and subway, toilet, go to work and even sleep. A recent survey found that modern adults watch the screen for about 9 hours a day, which is basically half of the waking time. Long-term use of electronic products such as mobile phones can significantly increase the incidence of myopia.

The most direct effect of staring at the screen for a long time is the loss of eyesight. If the eyes look at the screen for a long time, it will affect the tear secretion, easily lead to visual fatigue, which can cause or aggravate myopia, and may also change false myopia into true myopia. For adults, when they stare at the screen for a long time, the number of blinks will decrease by 1/3, resulting in more tear evaporation on the surface of the eyeball, making the eyeball lack of moisture, and tear evaporation is one of the main causes of dry eye. Data show that every year, primary and secondary school students'matching age is on the "downhill road", the decline is 2-3 years old, and the matching degree is constantly rising. Students have a high rate of using their eyes. They need to stare at books for a long time to do their homework. If they play with mobile phones and do not give their eyes rest time, they will make their eyes always in a tense and forceful state and easily cause myopia.

In addition, prolonged use of mobile phones may also accelerate the production of eye bags. Usually, bags are formed by loose fat muscles and fascia around the orbit, and fat drops and bulges. If the eyes are staring at the screen all day long and overuse the eyes, the muscles around the eyes will be easily fatigued, affecting the blood circulation of the eyes, showing old age earlier. Screens are far more than eye injuries. Surveys have found that nearly 30% of people suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist discomfort due to prolonged use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products.

Reminder: Use electronic products every 30 minutes to rest, look at the distance, or do eye exercises to alleviate fatigue. Usually blinking can improve the muscle strength around the eyes. Workmen inevitably need to deal with mobile phones or computer screens for a long time. They can apply hot towels to their eyes for 5 minutes every night. The temperature should be 40 degrees Celsius to alleviate eye fatigue. Parents should spend more time with their children, encourage them to increase their sports, go outdoors on weekends, and rescue their children from electronic products such as mobile phones.