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Workplace gymnastics for office workers

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Working people are busy and often can't spare a lot of time to exercise. For this reason, health-knowledges recommends a set of simple and easy workroom exercises for readers, which can not only alleviate physical fatigue, but also improve work efficiency in a short time.

1. Preparatory type, standing with feet together, hands drooping naturally and looking ahead.

2. Inhale, take a step across the right foot, shoulder-wide; stretch your hands back, hold your left wrist with your right hand, stick it to your waist, tilt your head to the right to the maximum, while pulling your left hand to the right to the maximum, and hold it forcefully for 10 seconds.

3. Exhale, relax your hands slowly and return to your waist.

4. Inhale, lift the left hand up to the maximum with the right hand, while tilting the head to the maximum with the right hand. Continue to exert and hold for 10 seconds.

5. Exhale and gradually restore the hands and head to a preparatory form.

6. Repeat in the opposite direction.

This set of movements is mainly stretching (neck, shoulder) and static exercise (shoulder abduction against hard exercise), simple and easy to learn, is not only a way to strengthen the body, but also to relieve stress, but you are insisting. It is suggested that you set an alarm for yourself, and put down your work temporarily when the time comes (without affecting your work), and take out a few minutes to exercise. In order to avoid injury, we should also pay attention to safety, control the range and intensity of action, and avoid exerting too much and too much.



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