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Can vegetable milk completely replace milk?

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In recent years, various kinds of plant milk are popular in the market, such as peanut milk, almond milk, walnut milk and so on. Even some people say that plant milk can completely replace milk, so how about the nutrition of plant milk? TOPSANTE, a French health magazine, recently reported on a study by the Swiss Federation of French-speaking Consumers.

The main raw materials of plant milk are oats, rice, chestnuts, soybeans, almonds and hazelnuts, so it is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals. According to the report, experts from the Consumer Federation selected 10 boxes of different brands of soymilk, rice milk and almond milk to study their calcium, protein, sugar, Omega 3, saturated fat, vitamin D2, B2 and B12 contents. The results showed that compared with milk, the nutritional value of these plant milk was negligible, and no protein was detected in rice milk and almond milk.

Barbara Pfenniger, a food expert at the Consumer Federation, said that vegetable milk just looks like milk and does not provide enough protein for the body. She also pointed out that the main ingredients of rice milk are sugar produced by rice fermentation, and the only valuable ingredients are glucose, maltose and amino acids. The Consumer Federation also emphasizes that some plant milk has the same nutritional content as sugar water.

But there is one exception to these vegetable milk, which is soy milk. The results showed that soymilk contains 3.3 grams of protein per 100 ml, which is equivalent to the white matter content of milk eggs. But in terms of nutritional value, vegetable milk can not completely replace milk. The Consumer Federation said that when purchasing vegetable milk, attention should be paid to the protein, calcium and vitamin D content displayed on nutritional labels, and whether sugar, additives and spices are added.



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