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Don't try to wash your intestines casually.

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Intestinal health is related to general health. Faced with the overwhelming concepts of "detoxification" and "Qingchang" in the market, how should we distinguish and choose? What aspects of life should we pay attention to in order to achieve intestinal and even physical health?

Do Normal People Need "Detoxification"

The human body has its own perfect defense, clearance and metabolic system for waste in vivo. The main organs such as liver, kidney, intestine, skin and so on are the metabolic organs of the human body, which can also be simply understood as our detoxification organs.

Whether generated by the human body or from the outside, such as food, air and water, once they enter the human body, they will absorb and utilize the nutrients needed by the human body through a series of complex and precise individual or interaction of various tissues and organs in the body, and expel the substances which are not too useful or harmful to the human body as soon as possible. 。

Therefore, as a healthy normal person, it has a powerful detoxification system. The harmful substances in the human body are mainly discharged from the body through urine and stool, but also through skin, breathing and other ways. It does not need to use health food or even other ways to clear the intestine or wash the intestine.

If one's health is basically normal, but abuses some so-called cleanser products, or often washes the intestine, it may lead to the weakening of the human body's own function, or dependence, such as difficulty in defecation without taking drugs.

Some people because of constipation, want to find their own way to solve, is actually incorrect. Constipation refers to defecation only once in two or three days or even three or four days, or dry stool or difficulty in defecation. At this time, we should go to a regular hospital to see a doctor, find out the specific cause of the disease, and then carry out targeted treatment. Credulous advertising, casually buy some health food or products for self-treatment, but will cause other adverse effects.

At present, many people are eager to succeed in health care and keep up with the trend. They always hope to solve all health problems through a simple and time-saving method. What kind of health care methods are popular in society, regardless of whether they are suitable for themselves or not, they all copy and use them. In fact, this practice is very unscientific. Health care is very complex. It is necessary to consider and improve the individual's mental state, daily life, diet structure, sports and medicines in order to ensure the best results.

Clean intestine, enema and clear intestine separately

In ordinary life, we often hear the sausage, intestinal cleansing and enema, especially the sausage, in fact, these three are different.

As early as the 20th to 30s of the 20th century, the original simple intestinal washing equipment was widely used, and the intestinal washing industry developed rapidly. It can be seen in hospitals, clinics, offices and even families in Europe and the United States. Later, some scientists improved and produced highly clean and effective intestinal hydrotherapy equipment. It is a method of cleaning intestinal tract with water and medical equipment. It filters purified water at about 38 C, enters rectum from anus at 0.1 atmospheric pressure, and flushes intestinal tract about 1.5 meters in length. This method can treat constipation, prevent colon cancer, and ensure the success rate of various medical endoscopy and X-ray examinations. It is conducive to early detection of hidden diseases, bowel preparation before surgery and early recovery of intestinal function after surgery.

Enteroclysis has certain benefits for constipation patients, but it has no cosmetic, weight loss and other effects of propaganda. Because of the influence of some advertisements, many people think that defecation is detoxification. In fact, defecation is only defecation, which is only the toxin in the human digestive tract. Some people have acne on their faces, not because of constipation, so even if they do intestinal lavage, the acne on their faces will not disappear. In addition, intestinal lavage can not directly help lose weight. Some people lose a few kilograms of weight after coloclysis because too much feces are removed from the intestine.

Not everyone is fit for intestinal lavage. Before intestinal lavage, professional doctors will ask about the relevant medical history, suffering from severe heart disease, hypertension, severe perianal disease, anemia and other diseases and pregnancy is not suitable for intestinal lavage. For each person who wants to wash the intestine, they also need to do physical examination items such as electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, etc.

In addition, because the enema needs to rely on water pressure, so do not use too frequently, and must be operated by professionals, otherwise the water pressure is too large will also have a certain impact on the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, some beauty salons carry out intestinal washing projects, of course, can not be chosen.

Enema is a method of treating defecation and exhaust by inserting a catheter into the colon through the anus and rectum. It can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, soften and remove feces, eliminate intestinal flatulence, cool patients with high fever, prepare for some operations, examinations or childbirth, dilute and remove harmful substances in intestine, and reduce poisoning. In addition, it can also provide drugs, nutrition, water and other therapeutic purposes. Enema is also a professional medical means, which can only be carried out in qualified medical institutions.

There are many ways to clear the intestine, the most commonly used are saline, food and tea.

Saline intestinal cleansing is a popular method of intestinal cleansing. After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of dilute saline on an empty stomach, and then cooperate with appropriate exercise to achieve the effect of intestinal cleaning. Saline intestinal clearance method is simple. It can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote blood circulation and expel toxins from the body. However, the effectiveness of this method varies from person to person. Some people have used this method to show that the effect is very obvious, but some people say that it is not very useful. The use of this method will lead to excessive salt intake, which needs careful use.

Food intestinal cleansing refers to the improvement of dietary structure to achieve the effect of intestinal cleansing. Common sausage foods are sausage vegetables and sausage fruits, including radish leaves, rape, spinach, kale, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. sausage fruits include lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugar cane, plum, apple, tomato and so on. Dietary therapy is healthy and safe for clearing intestines. Many people choose this method for clearing intestines.

Qingchang Tea is currently on the market many Qingchang Tea claim to have the effect of clearing intestines and detoxifying, so many beauty lovers tend to choose these Qingchang Tea to clean intestines. However, it should be noted that most of Qingchang tea on the market belongs to irritant laxatives. Long-term use of Qingchang tea can not only cause abdominal pain and watery diarrhea, but also lead to other serious conditions, such as cathartic colon or melanosis of colon, which can be manifested as damage of intestinal submucosal neurons and intestinal muscles, severe impairment of intestinal peristalsis, tubular dilation of intestine and disappearance of colonic pouch. Loss. In addition, it has been found in animal experiments that long-term use of irritant laxatives can cause irreversible intestinal nerve damage and increase the risk of carcinogenesis.

Develop good habits

If you want to be healthy, intestinal health, you should start from developing good habits.

Develop good eating habits

Add some roughage. The staple food should be mainly cereals and coarse grains. Corn and oats can be added appropriately. At the same time, you can drink more porridge or soup, such as porridge soup food can help clean up the stomach, so that the gastrointestinal tract can be adjusted and rested.

More fibers. Constipation occurs when you consume too little dietary fiber and exercise is reduced. Therefore, vegetable can be used to supplement dietary fiber in plain meals. Fresh vegetables such as lettuce, mustard, carrot and celery can be used to absorb chlorophyll, carotene, vitamins and dietary fiber, which can be balanced with a large number of meat, fish and eggs. It also has the functions of defecation and gastrointestinal regulation.

Eat fruit. To adjust the unbalanced digestive function, fruit is quite effective. Utilizing cellulose and pectin contained in fruits to soften stool is helpful for defecation. But do not eat immediately after meals, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach.

Don't lie down immediately after meals.

Lie down and rest immediately after meals not only easily cause abdominal fat accumulation, but also easy to slow down intestinal peristalsis, affecting digestion, which is very harmful to intestinal health.

Pay attention to abdominal warmth

The intestine and stomach is a sensitive organ to the external climate and temperature. When the human body is stimulated by cold air, the intestine and stomach are prone to spastic contraction, which leads to abdominal pain, dyspepsia, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Avoid eating cold drinks, too cold fruits or indoor temperature too low in summer, autumn and winter season should pay attention to cold and warm.

Proper massage

After bathing, apply moisturizer on the abdomen and massage in a clockwise circle to strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis. In cold weather, you can use a hot water bag to warm up before massaging. Finger pressing at Tianshu (2 inches) on both sides of the navel is better because Tianshu (2 inches) is an important point for regulating gastrointestinal activity. Regular pressing can enhance the function of digestive organs and help reduce constipation.

Take a 30-minute brisk walk every day

Walk fast for 30 minutes a day, about 70 centimeters. Persisting for a period of time can not only enhance the strength of leg muscles, but also consume body fat and improve the metabolism of the whole body. Take part in outdoor sports more, breathe fresh air, good for physical and mental health.

Maintain correct sitting posture

For those who often sit, it is very important to maintain the correct sitting posture. Sitting in front of the abdomen, exerting force on the lower abdomen, keeping the abdomen tense, so as to prevent fat accumulation here.

Keep in a good mood

Many gastrointestinal diseases are closely related to people's mood and mentality. When a person is often nervous, upset or angry, physical regulation will be affected, and then affect the gastric secretion, digestion and other functions. Some studies have found that patients with long-term depression, anxiety or trauma are prone to gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal micro-ecological environment imbalance, and may cause gastrointestinal ulcer. So it's also important to be happy.