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Studies have shown that coffee and red wine are rich in hydroquinones

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Red wine, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are popular drinks. According to the French newspaper Progress, a new study shows that the hydroquinones in these daily drinks can bind with zinc to effectively improve the body's antioxidant capacity.

For survival, oxygen is indispensable, but at the same time it contains derivatives called "reactive oxygen species". Such chemical molecules and atoms are free radicals that can endanger health. All the harm to cell growth is related to these free radicals caused by stress, breathing, smoking and pollution.

Reported that in order to resist the oxidation ability of oxygen, the human body has a high-performance internal antioxidant protection system. When the antioxidant cells and reactive oxygen species cannot be sustained, they will produce oxidative stress response, thus accelerating the aging of the human body and reducing the life expectancy of the human body.

Zinc is an essential trace element for maintaining human health. The latest research by Ivana Ivanovi-Burmazovi shows that zinc can bind to hydroquinone (a component of food such as wine, coffee, tea or chocolate) by activating organic molecules. Hydroquinone alone does not have antioxidant capacity, but the products of both. But it can effectively help the human body against oxidative stress.