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Jianpi Qushi: Carrot, Smilax officinalis, Broth

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Main efficacy: invigorating the spleen, dispelling dampness, eliminating food and appetizing

Recommended crowd: for people with spleen deficiency and weak qi, abdominal distention, wet and heavy body trapping, etc.

Materials: 100g carrot, 30g Smilax officinalis, 30g lentil, 3G orange peel, 5g coriander, 200g lean meat (2-3 person volume).

Cooking method: Clean the above medicinal ingredients, including Poria cocos, lentils slightly soaked, carrots cut into large pieces, lean meat cut into medium pieces; put in the pot 1500ml of water, first put carrots, Poria cocos, lentils, tangerine peel and lean meat, boil in a big fire, then change to small and medium heat for about 1 hour, finally add coriander, boil for one minute, seasoning can be eaten.

Soup Comments: People with spleen deficiency and dampness are prone to suffer from poor appetite, abdominal swelling, head and body distress, body edema and other discomforts. At this time, an aromatic and humid soup is needed to assist.

Carrot is good for Qi and moderate effect; Poria cocos is good for water seepage and dampness, invigorating the spleen and soothing the mind. It is often used to treat edema caused by retention of phlegm and water and dampness, unfavorable urination, poor appetite, etc. It can also be matched with white lentils which can invigorate the spleen, remove dampness and heat (stir-frying is good for invigorating the spleen, dispelling heat and detoxifying is good for health). The coriander is hot and warm, belongs to the lung, spleen and liver meridians, can digest and appetize; when boiling soup, a small amount of orange peel can not only remove greasy and masculine flavor, make the soup taste better, but also enhance the role of Qi and phlegm. When all kinds of flavors are used together, the emphasis is on restoring the spleen's function, restoring the spleen's function, then the water and humidity will become self-contained and the appetite will be self-opening.