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Busy life is also a good medicine for health

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Most of them are retired people, some of them have entered the ranks. Many old people say that their eyes are old and their ears are back. Although aging is an irresistible rule of life, some people aging faster, some people slower.

It is generally believed that tension and busyness can affect health, but I have different views. My personal experience is that when people are old, excessive relaxation and laxity of life is more harmful to physical and mental health.

Carnegie, a famous American educator, said, "To be busy and keep busy, it is the cheapest medicine in the world and the best medicine." Looking back on Mr. Ji Xianlin's busy outlook, when he was 80 years old, he also went in and out of the library every day, read a large number of books, reference materials and books, etc. Guo Lanying, a famous singer, practiced his voice and looked at the song books every day when he was nearly eighty years old. He also coped with many performances. He had a childish face and was in good health.

I have also carefully pondered that all the longevity old people have a common characteristic, that is, good mentality, disobedience to old age, disobedience to defeat, living, learning and accomplishing old, arranging their time tightly every day, so that they do not have leisure time to consider superfluous or unpleasant things, and live a full life. Facts have proved that busyness can eliminate people's sadness and loneliness, increase the interest of life, and make the body and mind happy. Therefore, busy people may live longer than leisure people. Busy is also a good health medicine.