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Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory: There are many hidden dangers in

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With the arrival of spring, the weather gradually warms up. Many young people who love beauty can not wait to take off their autumn trousers and pull up their trousers legs to reveal their ankles. These young people think it is fashionable to wear ankle-exposed clothes, but they do not know that when the weather has not fully turned warm, it will do a lot of harm to the body to expose ankle. So, what harm does bare ankles do to the body in early spring?

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the head and upper body of human body belong to yang, which has strong resistance to wind-cold evil, so it does not need to be the focus of "covering"; while the lower body belongs to Yin, which has poor resistance to wind-cold, and needs to be the focus of "covering", especially the feet of human beings. Most of the cold air invades the human body from bottom to top, damaging the yang. Spring weather is not stable, we need to do a good job of legs and feet, do not take off cotton pants and socks too early.

Ankle joint is the most important joint of the human body. When walking, human beings need to rely on the joint to eliminate the vibration brought by the ground. Therefore, the protection of ankle joint is particularly important. Bare ankle is easy to make ankle cold, and ankle cold will cause many harm to the body, mainly the following:

1. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the Sanyinjiao point at the ankle is very important. The cold of Sanyinjiao point will directly affect the three yin meridians of liver, spleen and kidney. Especially for women, it may cause the deficiency of spleen and stomach, spleen and kidney yang, and then lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, irregular menstruation and a series of symptoms. Therefore, young women who love beauty should pay more attention to not wear bare ankles too early. Light skirts, miniskirts, etc.

2. Frostbite and local cyanosis, itching and ulceration may occur in exposed areas.

3. Exposure to the ankle may cause cold in the human body, which may lead to colds and fever.

4. Some diseases may occur suddenly after people are old. These diseases caused by cold are often difficult to cure.

In addition, it is not clear whether bare ankles can lead to arthritis. But for people with incompletely healthy ankles, baring their ankles in cold weather increases the risk of arthritis. Ankle warmth is very important to human body. It is suggested that beauty lovers should not expose their ankles prematurely in pursuit of fashion so as not to bury potential health hazards.



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