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Be sure to do this before doing breast care

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Many beauty parlors are now launching breast maintenance projects, massage and massage on breasts, relax channels and dredge collaterals, secret essential oils, hyperthermia, medication... It also claims to improve breast pain, breast hyperplasia, and even help breast nodules "disperse".

Some women feel relieved after maintenance, but some women have delayed the treatment due to breast maintenance, and even led to rapid progress of malignant lesions.

Most pre-menstrual breast pain is not a "disease"

Careful women will find that their breasts will change in size during the monthly menstrual cycle. During a month's menstruation, estrogen and progesterone in women will change, while changes in breast are controlled by changes in estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen can promote breast duct hyperplasia, promote the expansion of ductal lumen, the increase of micro-vessels in breast tissue, tissue congestion, and then cause breast tissue water and sodium retention (commonly known as chest swelling).* On the basis of estrogen, the combined action of progesterone and estrogen can make breast acinar develop.

So a week before menstruation, when both estrogen and progesterone are at their peak, some women will have a feeling of chest fullness, while after menstruation, estrogen and progesterone levels fall rapidly and the feeling of fullness will disappear. This kind of swelling and pain can be said to be physiological.

In other words, women with physiological breast pain, whether or not breast maintenance, breast swelling, pain will ease with menstruation.

Breast care can cause cancer? No basis.

Previous Facebook articles said that some women after a period of breast care, the results were found breast cancer. Can breast care lead to breast cancer? This frightens many women who have or are doing breast care. Breast care can cause cancer, which lacks scientific evidence. Female friends need not panic excessively.

Breast care can lead to rapid progression of breast cancer

In particular, if your breast pain is irregular, the pain is aggravated, and there are lumps in the breast, you must first go to the mammary specialist to see a doctor, excluding malignant breast diseases, then breast maintenance.

Physical extrusion and local hyperthermia during breast maintenance may lead to accelerated local blood supply. If the patient suffers from malignant breast diseases, it may lead to accelerated spread of cancer cells to the outside. For example, through the lymphatic system, it will spread to the axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes, and through the blood system, it will accelerate the transfer to liver, bone, lung, brain and other organs.

Last month, a woman was examined for breast nodules six months ago. Doctors advised her to have a further examination for confirmation. Result The woman heard that breast care can be "loose knot", so she chose to go to a health center. Half a year later, she felt a "hardness" in her armpit, and when she went to the hospital, she had breast cancer and metastases.

I feel sorry for this woman. Because of the blind belief in breast maintenance, the woman not only delayed the opportunity of treatment, but also led to the rapid aggravation of the disease. If she started standardizing treatment six months ago, the difficulty of treatment would be much less than it is now, and the situation would be better in the future.

The best breast care is to sleep well and be in a good mood.

Often women ask, what to eat and drink is good for breast health.

Answer: Breast health is closely related to human body secretion. Often staying up late, mental tension and psychological pressure are high, which may cause female endocrine disorders.

Therefore, the best way to maintain breasts is to sleep well and ensure adequate sleep. In addition, relaxation and regular exercise are also helpful to breast health.

Conditional women, it is best to conduct breast self-examination once a month, do breast-related physical examination once a year.