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Are you tired in middle age?

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What is middle age? Which stage belongs to middle age? What are the characteristics of middle age? According to Wikipedia, it is more realistic for the average person to be between 40 and 55 years old as a middle-aged stage. Are you tired in middle age?

Such people are often accompanied by the accumulation of knowledge and growing experience, but the physiological function of the human body is unconsciously declining, the continued growth of psychological ability and the gradual decline of physical strength, which are the physical and mental characteristics of middle-aged people. In middle age, there are old people and young people, and there are many disturbances of life and work in the middle. At the same time, there are more and more "illnesses" which make the body vulnerable. Are you tired in middle age? With the advent of "middle-aged problem", how can we avoid the disturbance of the problem and restart our good life? Come to health-knowledges to organize your popular science knowledge and give advice for your "middle-aged problem".

Adhere to Five Kinds of Training to Prolonging Life in Middle Age

A large number of studies have proved that prevention and control of chronic diseases can prolong life expectancy through sports activities. The website of the American Journal of Women's Health warns that, especially after the age of 40, the following five types of training are best adhered to.

To prevent heart disease, try aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times a week. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, less than 1% of American women aged 20 to 39 suffer from coronary heart disease, but among those aged 40 to 59, the proportion has increased nearly five times, to 5.6%. Aerobic exercise (including running, motorcycling, dancing, rowing and swimming) can help the heart pump blood more efficiently, thus keeping the heart healthy and strong. If you really want your heart to benefit from aerobic exercise, you need to exercise at least 30 minutes at a maximum heart rate of 80%, three to four times a week. For example, on the scale from 1 to 10, 1 means effortless, 10 means doing your best, you should reach the level of 8.

To prevent osteoporosis, try high impact exercise once or twice a week. According to data from the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about half of women over the age of 50 suffer from bone fractures due to osteoporosis. Although calcium supplementation can keep the skeletal system strong, recent research shows that high impact weight-bearing exercise can also enhance bone strength. In the past, people believed that the impact of high impact activities is more harmful than beneficial, but this is not the case. In terms of improving bone health, vigorous dance, open-close dance and tennis all have bone-strengthening effects.

To resist arthritis, try strength training 2 to 3 times a week. The risk of arthritis increases with age, especially in people who are overweight and have suffered from joint injuries. Strength training is one of the best ways to prevent joint pain. It has been shown to reduce pain associated with arthritis and prevent its onset. Strength training is not about lifting iron in the gym. Doing squats, stretches and overhead lifts at home can enhance the strength of multiple joints and muscle groups.

To combat depression, try yoga once a week. A study by Johns Hopkins University in the United States found that people aged between 45 and 64 had an increased risk of depression. Although any form of exercise can help to avoid anxiety and depression, more and more studies have shown that yoga is especially helpful in reducing stress and regulating mood. Researchers at Boston University in the United States have found that yoga practice increases the level of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain, a neurotransmitter for mood regulation, which is often absent in people with depression and anxiety.

To resist back pain, try 90 seconds of flat support three times a week. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Dermatological Diseases, most people experience back pain for the first time between the ages of 30 and 40. As they grow older, back pain becomes more and more common. Strengthen your core muscles to keep you away from back pain. Flat support is a great exercise for strengthening core muscles. It not only exercises the abdominal muscles, but also challenges the muscles around the chest and spine. When these muscles become strong, they tighten the entire upper abdomen and eventually support the lower back, away from pain. You can do it for 30 seconds, kneel down for 10 seconds, and repeat it twice. When your fitness increases, try to hold on for 90 seconds without interruption.

Middle-aged: Maintain the intestines and stomach, grab three meals first

In middle age, career has entered a period of acceleration, and also plays the role of a pillar in the family. But aging often begins in middle age, especially in the stomach and intestine. If we don't pay attention to it, many diseases will follow.

Li Qianjiao, former president of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China, said that the intestinal and gastric problems of modern people consist of many factors. First, the accelerated pace of life led to irregular meals. Busy work causes people to be in a tense rhythm every day, which makes many white-collar workers unable to achieve the rule of three meals. Sometimes they are hungry and full. Sometimes they ignore breakfast. Sometimes they don't even eat all day. These three meals are extremely irregular, which can easily cause intestinal hunger or satiety, increase the burden of intestinal tract, and lead to gastrointestinal disorders.

Secondly, there are too many opportunities to eat too much. In the evening, we should eat less, let the stomach and intestines gradually enter the stage of rest, but most of the modern people's entertainment is in the evening, the work is not early, the entertainment time is relatively long, when happy, two more glasses of wine, will make the stomach and intestines at night to increase the burden of work. Eating too much at night is not only bad for the intestines and stomach, but also affects sleep.

Thirdly, there is more pressure and less exercise. The physiological function directly affected by excessive pressure is intestinal dysfunction. Such as excessive acid in stomach, slowing or accelerating peristalsis, etc. Excessive acid in the stomach can damage the gastric mucosa. Accelerating peristalsis can cause frequent diarrhea. Slowing peristalsis can cause abdominal distension. Lack of exercise is a common problem of modern people. Exercise can promote digestion and relieve stress. 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week is helpful to health, but many people can not guarantee exercise time, even basic walking.

Finally, eat lighter. The outbreak of hypertension, diabetes and other diseases is caused by excessive greasy diet. Big fish and big meat will also test the intestines and stomach. Especially the popularity of fried foods, KFC and McDonald's can easily increase the burden of intestines in childhood, which makes the problems of intestines and stomach of modern people more and more, and also shows a trend of younger and younger.

Li Qianjiao said that it may be that gastrointestinal problems are too common, or that gastrointestinal discomfort is not a serious disease. Even if many people find their own gastrointestinal problems, they will not take timely measures, leading to the aggravation of gastrointestinal problems. Surveys show that 25% of people with gastrointestinal problems will ignore it, and only 15% will choose to seek medical treatment.

He pointed out that the first way to protect the intestines and stomach is to control diet. Do your best to have three meals regularly. In any case, breakfast must be eaten. The gastrointestinal function of middle-aged and old people has begun to degenerate, and life should be as regular as possible. Middle-aged people must remember to "eat less, eat slowly, chew", eat less, that is, to eat 70% full, but not full; eat slowly is to chew 50 times a mouthful of food, do not gobble up. There are also dietary environment to understand, such as Sichuan and Chongqing people like hot food, but if they live in the north for a long time, the taste of hot food will change. After all, Sichuan and Chongqing area is humid, hot food can dispel dampness, and the north is dry, although hot pepper is good, it is easy to eat too much.

For the middle-aged people who often suffer from gastric distension and indigestion, Li Qianjian suggests that they should eat more food to strengthen the spleen and stomach, such as Poria cocos, lotus seeds, etc. These medicinal and food homologous foods help to strengthen the spleen and stomach. In addition, they can drink some yoghurt to regulate it. Yoghurt is easier to digest after fermentation, and it is better to drink yoghurt with more probiotics. It should be noted that yogurt is not recommended to drink too cold, especially in summer, normal temperature yogurt is better for intestinal health, because cold yogurt temperature is too low, will cause irritation to the intestine. When you are young, the fire is strong, the problem does not appear. When you get older, the cold yogurt stimulates the intestine and stomach more.

Li Qianjiao also emphasized that exercise contributes to intestinal health. Stress can affect intestinal peristalsis, and exercise can release pressure and stimulate intestinal peristalsis. In addition, exercise also releases dopamine and makes people happy.

Finally, middle-aged people should eat less junk food, such as instant noodles, fried food, etc. Although these foods taste good, but the nutrition is very low, especially fried food, nutrition has already been lost in high temperature. Eating too much will not only make people fat, but also increase the burden of the intestines and stomach of the elderly.

To keep in good health in middle age, we should start with these habits.

It is not difficult to see such a phenomenon clinically. The incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other diseases is tending to be younger. Statistics also show that in recent years, many middle-aged men around 40 years old have lost their lives due to myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases. Nowadays, young and middle-aged men generally get more social benefits, eat and drink without restraint, resulting in too much fat intake, coupled with inadequate exercise, irregular life, smoking and other risk factors, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, gout and other diseases have also come to their doors. In a sense, it can even be said that many middle-aged men's illness is related to their inability to control their mouths and legs. Mammary gland hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, thyroid diseases, insomnia, nervous headache, depression and other issues also plague more and more female friends. Careful observation reveals that many of these diseases are related to emotions. Modern women have three main characteristics: first, high spiritual needs, difficult to get satisfaction in life and work; second, emotional fluctuations, easy to lose temper, sullen and so on; third, when faced with problems, they like to think negatively and like to drill into the bull's horns. Long-term emotional indifference, anger, anxiety, resulting in liver depression and Qi stagnation, affecting the health of the body.

Therefore, health preservation should start from young and middle-aged people, grasp the key points, and prevent the danger before it happens. For men, it is better to develop a habit of loving exercise from a young age, not to fall into the "smoking and drinking" trick; to push away some unnecessary table entertainment, but to use the way of group fitness, suburban hiking, etc., to create a circle of contacts. Female friends should learn to decompress themselves, not be completely trapped by the trivial things of life and work. They can set aside a period of time for themselves every week to go shopping and talk with their girlfriends, so as to avoid the accumulation of bad emotions in their hearts. Tolerance and understanding of others, contentment and happiness.

No matter what age or gender, healthy living habits are indispensable.

First of all, three meals a day should be on time, do not change frequently. At the same time, according to the view of "conforming to the four seasons" of traditional Chinese medicine, we should adjust our daily life reasonably. You can try to live an "old age" life. That's walking around in the morning and evening, watching TV plays after dinner, so that you can temporarily get away from your work and career, and really relax your brain.

Secondly, adhere to healthy diet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, "Sorghum has its original flavor and produces boils in its feet". The best way to eat a reasonable diet is to eat at home, to achieve meat and vegetable collocation, moderate food intake. When people reach middle age, they should consciously eat more vegetables, fruits and high-protein foods to delay the occurrence of diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.

Thirdly, integrate sports into life. In my opinion, the best sports are walking and climbing. It can be combined with work or life, such as taking two less stops at work and climbing several floors at home.

Finally, stay optimistic. We should concentrate on our work at work and learn to rest and relax after work. When encountering problems, we should change our thinking, think positively, be good at thinking, and be good at talking. Only in this way can we feel comfortable.

Six Yin poisons must be discharged from the body in middle age

After middle age, Yin and Qi begin to increase and Yang gradually fade away, which is the natural law of life. With the growth of Yin and Qi, excess turbidity accumulated in the body, which is called Yin and toxin in traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and toxicity include water toxicity, dampness toxicity, lipid toxicity, phlegm toxicity, blood stasis toxicity and gas toxicity. Only by learning to expel these Yin and toxicity can we strive for the survival space of Yang and Qi in the body.

Water poison. The most serious of Yin toxicity is water toxicity, which is usually caused by the weakening of renal function. People over 40 years of age should pay attention to the fact that if they get up in the morning, their eyelids and ankles are swollen, they are likely to be turbid. Want to expel water poisoning, first of all, to see a doctor, check the kidney and heart disease, if water poisoning is caused by poor renal function, can take Jinkui Shenqi pill, through warm kidney to mobilize the body's gasification ability; if the kidney and heart are not sick, that means that the blood and gas are not running well, need more exercise, eat more luffa, winter melon and so on.

Damp toxin. Wet is an abnormal form of water, which is transformed from water. People with dampness and poison in their bodies are usually characterized by white and greasy tongue coating, nausea, unwillingness to eat, and incomplete stool. Damp poisoning is mainly caused by deficiency of Spleen-qi and can not remove dampness. Among the foods we often eat, legumes are the most splenic nourishing. They can be boiled into porridge with various beans. They can also be eaten with Dangshen and Baizhu stew. They have good effects of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, lifting the clear and lowering the turbidity.

Phlegm toxin. Some people get up in the morning and spit endlessly, which means phlegm is poisonous. Phlegm and toxin are usually caused by diet or poor lung function. If the trachea is not good, phlegm, you can drink Erchen Decoction to cure, a medication Poria cocos, Pinellia ternata, orange peel each 10 grams, liquorice 6 grams, boiled with water to drink, seven days of phlegm can dissolve. Daily diet, radish is the best phlegm food, you can buy raw radish and some vinegar cold mix to eat; in addition, you can eat more winter melon, figs, laver, grosvenoring and other products of heat and phlegm.

Lipotoxin. People with lipid poisoning are generally overweight and have more fat. They often drink alcohol, eat meat and eat fried food. They do great harm to the liver and are prone to fatty liver and other diseases. In order to eliminate lipid poisoning, first of all, we should reduce blood lipid. It is suggested that hawthorn and lotus leaves be boiled and drinked to reduce phlegm and lipid. We should eat more vegetables such as onions in peacetime. We can also massage Fenglong points on the leg (located at 8 inches above the lateral ankle tip, outside the slit points, two transverse fingers at the front of the tibia) to dissipate food stagnation and reduce fat.

Stasis and toxin. Stasis poisoning refers to the poisons hidden in the blood, mostly from middle age, generally manifested as purple sublingual veins, easy forgetfulness, dry skin, chest tightness, suffocation, dark complexion and so on. People with blood stasis can take Danqi tablets or drink with Salvia miltiorrhiza or Hawthorn soaking water. They can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis and remove blood vessel garbage.

Qi poisoning. Gas poisoning is a kind of poison existing in the lungs. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the lung governs qi" and "the kidney governs qi". People with gas poisoning often have poor lung and kidney functions, and generally have a large body odor, such as bad breath, sweat and so on. In order to prevent gas poisoning, you can get up early every day and take deep breaths, that is, breathing and vomiting, to expel the turbid gas from the lungs and keep the air fresh in the body.

After 40 years old, the risk of cancer increased 2.5 times! Experts teach you four ways to prevent cancer

The American Cancer Institute released data on cancer risk for people of different races and ages in different regions. Data show that the risk of cancer has increased dramatically since the age of 40 in Asia. The risk of cancer is 2.5 times higher in the age of 40-49 than in the age of 30-39. How to reduce the risk of cancer when people are middle-aged, old and young, and are the pillars of their families?

Quit smoking

It is reported that Dr. Kaizu Lu is a member of the American Medical College of Sciences and the Canadian Medical College of Internal Medicine and is currently practicing in Hong Kong. In the year of Huajia, Lu Kaizu talked about his experience in cancer prevention and gave it to himself. He said that the first thing is to quit smoking. As far as cancer prevention is concerned, it's never too late to quit smoking. Tobacco has been identified as a high-risk factor for bladder cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer, so even after decades of smoking, in order to avoid cancer in old age, smoking should be actively quit.

Weight reduction

Second, keep the right weight. After middle age, exercise decreases and people get fat easily. However, overweight or obesity is another high risk factor for cancer. The Lancet, a well-known medical journal, published a research project in Britain. A survey of 5.24 million people found that the incidence of uterine cancer, gallbladder cancer, renal cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and lymphoma would increase if the body mass index (BMI) increased by 5 kg/m2 (meaning about 8 kg for a person of 160 cm and 60 kg).

It is said that weight gain and a large increase in insulin secretion slowly make the target sensitivity of insulin receivers worse and worse, which will lead to a series of molecular biological changes until human oncogenes are activated, leading to endometrial cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer and colon cancer. Therefore, to control weight in middle age is not only for the sake of good looks and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also an effective way to prevent cancer.

More exercise

Thirdly, exercise as much as possible. The occurrence of cancer is related to the low immunity of the body, and exercise can increase the immunity of the body. Professor Akan, a famous German sports medicine expert, tracked 450 people over 40 years of age and those who did not exercise for eight years, and found that the cancer rate of those who persisted in exercise for a long time was 90% lower than that of those who did not exercise; moreover, the death rate of those who persisted in exercise was much lower than that of those who did not exercise.

Regular physical examination

Lu Kaizu stressed that cancer can be detected early, and 85% of early tumors can be cured. Therefore, when the risk of cancer doubles after the age of 40, it is necessary to do a good anti-cancer physical examination, especially for their own physical condition and family history, select the appropriate physical examination items, such as patients with colorectal cancer in the family, after 50 years of age should be done colonoscopy screening. Low-dose spiral CT should be performed annually to detect 0.6 centimetres of small lung cancer tissue over 40 years of age.

Middle-aged people continue to grow

Developmental psychologists believe that people grow up at all stages, but the ways to achieve happiness vary greatly. For middle-aged people, what makes you happy when you are young may not be applicable at this stage. When you discover what you really need at this stage, you can get the key to happiness and continue to grow.

1. Understand your inner needs. Compare these two views: "I can do my best", "I want to do better than others, I want to win success". Both attitudes are correct, but the latter is more suitable for young people who need recognition, while middle-aged people need a quiet heart, can understand themselves, know that their efforts are unique. In middle age, it's time to throw away the measured panic. You can use your talents without worrying about other people's better performance. You don't have to prove yourself to the world anymore. You can concentrate on what you think is meaningful and reap inner satisfaction.

2. Restrain material desire. Long time pursuit of material is not a good way to seek happiness. When we were young, we pursued cars, houses, clothing, jewelry... But when we put all our trust in matter, once we reach our goal, it is easy to be empty. In middle age, most people already have some economic foundation. At this time, they should stop at material pursuit and not be burdened by it. Middle-aged people need to seek spiritual sustenance and happiness from the perspective of life meaning.

3. No more confrontation with authority. Young people tend to be arrogant and even despise their superiors. But in middle age, people with certain career experience should understand that there is no need to spend more time proving that you are more capable and smarter than some authorities, which has many advantages. 1. You can relax a little, just do your own work; 2. Concentrate on doing your own work better; 3. You can win the trust of your superiors in any unit; 4. Take full responsibility for your actions. When you are no longer so competitive, innate talent will naturally emerge.

4. Face the board straight. Visionary people dare to admit their shortcomings and know that their strengths and weaknesses are closely linked. For example, some people lose many opportunities because they are not good at socializing when they are young, but as they grow older, they realize that it is because they do not like socializing that they prefer to immerse themselves in reading, so they have deeper insights and become a rare "thinker" in the unit. Face your shortcomings, you will feel more comfortable, will actively seek the balance of advantages and disadvantages, more aware of what you can do, can not do, so as to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses.

5. Learn to say no. It's time to draw a line between things you don't want to touch. Doing everything you do will only break you down. Middle age is coming and you need to simplify your life. I don't want to go to this party, I don't agree with this point of view, I can't lend you my car, I don't want to lend you my money, I don't like this movie very much... It's important to know who you are and what you want, to be an honest and trustworthy person, and to be able to say "no". You may offend some people, but since you don't know your people, you don't have to care too much.