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How to judge whether the kidney is healthy?

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"Physical health is the capital of revolution", but in busy life, people are often busy with work and eager to get paid, but ignore the treasure land of physical health. In fact, we should pay more attention to early prevention and health is around us. Health-knowledges is designed to collect and organize health knowledge that you usually neglect, to be your health think tank, and to carry out health with you to the end! Today I want to talk with you about kidney-nourishing.

What are the manifestations of renal function

In terms of Western medicine, the four criteria can preliminarily determine the level of kidney health.

Clear urine foam. If the urine foam suddenly becomes more and longer, it does not disappear for a long time, which indicates that the excretion of protein in urine is more. If the urine color is abnormal, the strong tea color, soy sauce color or turbidity, such as rice washing water, should be paid attention to. In addition, the symptoms of urinary incompetence and urinary pain should also be treated in time.

There is no swelling in the body when you get up early. Kidney is the organ of human body to metabolize water. If kidney is not good, water will accumulate. If you often get up early eyelid edema, or feet, legs edema, you should consider the kidney problem.

Spiritual. When kidney function problems occur, waste residues in the body are difficult to excrete from the urine, resulting in a feeling of depression, fatigue and boredom.

Blood pressure is normal. Renal impairment can lead to symptoms of elevated blood pressure, and hypertension can aggravate kidney damage. "When nocturia increases in hypertensive patients and diabetic patients have urinary protein or lower limb edema, the kidney has been damaged. Normal people occasionally appear fatigue, do not worry, sleep adjustment may improve, but if the symptoms last at least a week, we must go to the hospital for examination.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the following five criteria can show that your kidneys are still healthy.

Hearing clearly. The auditory function of the ear is closely related to the rise and fall of kidney qi, and a good hearing of the kidney is good. Conversely, when the symptoms of tinnitus, distress and hearing loss occur, kidney yin deficiency can be considered more.

The skin is shiny. Kidney is good, can youth permanent, delaying aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, skin will become dark, skin color will change, orbital blackening, eye bags obvious.

Black hair. Kidney essence, its essence in hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality is still in the kidney, kidney is not good, hair will be early white, lose luster, and hair loss.

Strong bones. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the main bone, bone is nourished by kidney essence, kidney is good bone. Renal failure can lead to osteoporosis, backache, and even teeth loosening.

Good memory. Kidney essence also nourishes the brain. Therefore, poor kidney may appear often forget, slow reaction and other phenomena.