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High blood pressure needs less salt, but you may have misunderstandin

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Everyone said that hypertension patients should "eat light", ranking first in the list is less salt. Nutrition often recommends that healthy adults should not consume more than 6 grams of sodium per day, and hypertensive patients should not consume more than 5 grams per day. Limiting sodium intake is an effective measure to minimize the cost of preventing and treating hypertension. But "less salt" is not just "less salt" so simple, let's take a look at the misunderstanding of "less salt".

High blood pressure should eat less salt, but MSG can be used to taste more?


Monosodium glutamate is not a chemical synthesizer. It is fermented from corn starch. It is a natural food and safe. Why not recommend that people with hypertension eat more? Because its main ingredient is sodium glutamate, it will be decomposed into glutamate + sodium ion in the body, which is equivalent to another form of salt, and hypertension has to control salt, so we should limit the intake of monosodium glutamate.

Can we eat chicken essence instead of monosodium glutamate?

No way!

Indeed, chicken essence tastes more natural and rich. However, an old hen is painted on the package of chicken essence, but it does not mean that chicken essence is made from chicken concentrate. In fact, the main ingredients of chicken essence are chicken meat, chicken bone or concentrated extracts, but most of the chicken essence on the market contains 40% monosodium glutamate and 10% salt in order to increase the taste. So whether you choose monosodium glutamate or chicken essence to flavor, you actually choose another way of salt, potentially increasing salt intake.

It's impossible to cook without MSG at all. What should we do?

Alternative methods

Hypertensive patients generally have a daily salt limit of 5 grams. A small porcelain spoon is usually used to hold about 5 grams of salt (or a beer bottle with a flat lid), 1 gram of salt contains 393 mg of sodium, 1 gram of MSG contains 81.6 mg of sodium, and almost a full spoon of MSG is equivalent to 1 gram of salt. If MSG is indispensable for cooking, we can replace it with MSG and salt in equal proportion to sodium.

Are there salts in other foods besides monosodium glutamate?

Half-finished products, etc. contain salt.

The original steamed bread, pancakes, noodles and other staple foods are eaten, adding sodium salt to make the food stronger; bread, cake, biscuits and so on are sweet to eat, but they are full of sodium salt, adding salt to sweet food can increase sweetness; small snacks such as plum, potato chips, preserved fruit also contain salt.

For example, we often eat 100 grams of meat floss cake, meat floss weighs 20 grams, of which the sodium content is 389.14 mg, 1 gram of salt contains 393 mg of sodium, that is, the salt content in a meat floss bread is about 1 gram.