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Song Meiling's Longevity Code

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Song Meiling's life, which combines beauty, power, wealth and honor, and has a very rare longevity, is enough to arouse people's strong curiosity and interest in it. Next, let's go into Song Meiling's world of health preservation and work together to decipher her unique code of longevity.

Dietary Science

In terms of diet, Song Meiling has long adhered to the principle of eating more, eating less and paying attention to nutrition. Usually we eat five times a day, only five cents a day, never greedy. And weigh every day, once you find weight gain, you will immediately stop eating meat and switch to vegetarian food. A day's plan lies in the morning, for the quality of breakfast, is very important. As far as her breakfast recipe is concerned, it includes cereal, potatoes, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, nuts and other foods. With such a nutritious golden combination, it will naturally be very beneficial to human health. In addition, Song Meiling also likes to eat celery and spinach. The former contains aromatic oils, vitamins and free amino acids, while the latter is rich in carotene. Frequent consumption can also produce good nourishing effects.

Enema massage to nourish face and build body

Song Meiling has another unique feature in health preservation, that is, insisting on enema massage. Enema can eliminate human toxins and promote metabolism. As she herself said, "Every day I have a good enema and a good bath. I feel like I have completed a great metabolic project. A little trouble can bring me a good sleep. Why not?" Besides, she also likes massage. Every day before going to bed, from the eyes, face to chest, abdomen, and then to the lower limbs, instep, foot center, all-round massage, so as to relax the meridians and promote circulation, but also a certain role in body and face. So that after the age of 100, she can still maintain a perfect and moderate body and glorious face.

Favouring humiliation, not surprising, calm and peaceful

Although when she was young, Song Meiling was also a person of great power. However, with the increase of age and the change of the times, she gradually faded out of the political arena, but she can adjust her mentality in time, calmly face life, rarely have a kind of tolerance and mind that can afford and put down. Whenever someone says how she was able to do that, she always smiles and quotes from the Bible as a reply: "The battle I want to fight has been fought, the road I want to go has been gone, power, fame and wealth have gone away, forget all this!" In fact, looking back on her life is not so smooth, 40-year-old unfortunately suffering from cancer, 90-year-old ovariectomy, during which she also suffered from car accidents. Even so, it can still have a long life, and it has to be attributed to its good attitude of spoiling, humiliating, calm and peaceful.

A wide range of interests and hobbies

Song Meiling, who grew up in a scholarly family and received a good education, was not only proficient in many foreign languages, but also proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy, painting and many other aspects. She could be regarded as a generation of talented women. In her old age, she is more attributed to calm, mindless devotion to hobbies and interests. Through reading books, writing and painting activities, not only enrich life, enrich life, but also cultivate sentiment, pleasure the body and mind, and ultimately achieve the goal of self-cultivation. Song Meiling, who received western ideological education as a child, has always been a devout Christian. Having settled in New York, reading the Bible and praying took up most of her life, and thus, to a certain extent, became the ideological and spiritual sustenance of her later years.