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Prevention of dementia, non-smoking away from hypertension and diabet

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Recent studies have found that chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes not only hurt the heart, but also injure the brain, causing structural changes in the brain, leading to an increased risk of dementia.

The researchers analyzed data from 9772 volunteers aged 44 to 79. These people had at least one brain scan with magnetic resonance imaging and provided basic personal health and medical records.

Data analysis found that, in addition to high cholesterol, other risk factors (including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, etc.) were also associated with dementia-related brain abnormalities. Moreover, this association is particularly evident in areas of the brain responsible for complex thinking.

Among all kinds of risk factors of cardiovascular disease, smoking, hypertension and diabetes are the three most important factors, because the brain damage caused by these three factors involves almost all types of brain tissue. Experts therefore suggest that the prevention of dementia, it is important to be away from these three major risk factors.

The study also found that the more cardiovascular risk factors a person has, the worse the health of the brain, such as brain atrophy.

Simon Cox of the University of Edinburgh, UK, who led the study, said that there were factors that people could not control, such as genes, for brain aging and cognitive deterioration. However, the above risk factors, relatively speaking, also have some control ability, can quit smoking and through adjusting diet, exercise and other methods to control weight and blood sugar levels, in order to maintain cardiovascular health.

"Watching out for cardiovascular risk factors has all sorts of benefits, and now there's one more thing to add -- to keep your brain healthier." The researchers said.