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If you want to cry, cry.

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When you are under great pressure and you encounter unpleasant situations, besides smiling, crying is also a way. Professor Junko Hayahara of Japan Medical University believes that crying is self-defense for releasing pressure, which has four advantages for people's physical and mental health.

1. Reduce pressure. Several studies have shown that crying can release stress and tension and keep you happy, which is better than any antidepressant. 2. Restore self-control. Many of the causes of stress can not be controlled, if the negative emotions are buried in the heart, the pressure will accumulate, time will be out of control. And crying is totally self-controlled. 3. Improve work efficiency. In the work of pressure and deadlock, often persistent and entangled in the events and factors that produce pressure, pressure will increase. Crying can immediately release negative emotions, relieve depression, divert attention and change your mind. Therefore, after overcoming the tension, the work efficiency will be greatly improved. 4. Good for health. A joint study by the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands and the University of Krieka in Croatia shows that crying relaxes the nervous system, slowly restores the body to equilibrium (normal blood pressure and temperature), and even relieves inflammation.

Experts point out that men generally live shorter lives than crying women. Therefore, learning to cry is especially important for men who "don't flick with tears". Only when they learn to cry, can they release their psychological pressure and shoulder the heavy burden of work and life, thus prolonging their life.