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People with poor liver tend to be tired!

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Do you feel tired easily in spring? Therefore, in spring, health care should pay attention to the maintenance of liver, otherwise it is prone to fatigue, depression and other minor problems. How to nourish the liver, to introduce you a few tricks!

Close your eyes

Liver and eyes are interlinked. Liver is the main source of blood and liver is the main source of blood. Therefore, nourishing the liver is the first way to nourish the eyes. It can target a large object in the distance. Eyeballs from left to top to right and then down to the left, complete a large circle. Remember to keep your head still and move your eyes. After turning 10 cycles, then turning 10 cycles from the opposite direction can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and improve visual acuity. Closing your eyes with eye fatigue can also achieve the purpose of nourishing the liver.

Pressing liver protecting point

Massage of acupoints is also a very direct method of protecting liver. Hugan point is the middle point between breasts. Hands overlapping, up and down to Shazhong point 30 times, can relax qi, stimulate thymus, enhance immunity. Zusanli (Zusanli) is also a liver-protecting point. It can nourish the kidney and liver and strengthen the spleen and stomach by clenching and beating.

Do liver exercises

Dry-cleaned legs: Clasp one side of the thigh with both hands, rub it down to the ankle with a little force, and then up to the root of the leg. Or you can knead the calf belly, that is, clamp one side of the calf belly with the palms of both hands, and rotate and knead it.

Drink wolfberry gruel

Lycium barbarum L. protecting liver and eyesight is absolutely good food. Lycium barbarum can be eaten directly or soaked in water. It can also be used as medicinal meals and porridge. First boil rice into semi-finished porridge, then add wolfberry, cook and eat. The efficacy of wolfberry porridge can alleviate eye fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. Lycium barbarum porridge can protect the liver and promote the regeneration of hepatocytes in patients with hepatitis.