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Yoga-induced lumbar intervertebral disc herniation requires strength

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At present, fitness is reaching the peak of people's fat-reducing and Shape-building exercise. Many people choose yoga as a form of exercise. In order to know if yoga is harmful to our health, we went to the hospital to ask the doctor. However, orthopaedic doctors say that the number of patients injured by yoga practice has increased significantly in recent years, and people should keep in mind their strength while exercising to avoid unnecessary sports injuries.

Doctors have revealed that an average of 3 to 4 cases of yoga practice per month are reported. Although the number is not alarming, it has increased significantly compared with the past. In this group, except young women, the elderly patients are on the rise. In order to maintain health and exercise blindly, it leads to excessive wear and tear, causing harm to the body.

Orthopaedics doctors said that Yoga caused more injuries, lumbar disc herniation is a common yoga injury. The intervertebral discs are located between the human spine, acting as spring cushions to cushion pressure and help the spine bend freely. They work with the muscles around the spine to protect the spine from various stresses. And part of the excessive stretching action, will cause compression of the lumbar intervertebral disc many times, over time, there will be local pain, limited movement and other symptoms.

In addition, sports injuries caused by yoga include ligament injury, muscle injury, shoulder joint injury of knee joint, cartilage tear, Achilles tendon tear and so on. Doctors said that in yoga practice, "clearly already unbearable, but also endure, and insist on" this excessive movement, challenging the limits of the human body, will have adverse consequences for the body, adults over 30 years old, the skeleton has been stereotyped, yoga practice is more vulnerable to injury.

Keep in mind that proper yoga practice is good for health. When you feel uncomfortable, you should stop. Keep in mind that you can do it according to your abilities!