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How to Get Runner's Pleasure

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As the weather gets warmer, many people start a new year's fitness program. Among various exercise methods, running is a popular way for many people to exercise. It is not only easy to do, but also makes them feel happy. The pleasure of running is called runner's pleasure or runner's glee. So what is runner pleasure? What can you do to help you get a runner's pleasure?

Runner's pleasure refers to the pleasure that runners experience in the process of running. It is usually a sudden short-term experience. When runners'pleasure occurs, runners will feel relaxed, comfortable and full of vitality. Runner pleasure is actually a kind of inherent human stress response, which can alleviate fatigue, so that people can chase prey or escape danger for a long time and a long distance. For example, in order to obtain food for survival, our ancestors will run as fast as possible to successfully chase prey. The pleasure gained in running can help them run faster and farther.

How to get the runner's pleasure? Generally speaking, maintaining a moderate intensity of exercise for 30 minutes or more can help runners get pleasure, in other ways can help runners get pleasure.

1. Keep the right attitude. When you feel tired during running, don't be lazy or give up easily. You can take the alternate way of relaxation running and intensity running, or change the training content every day to maintain the continuity and freshness of the exercise.

2. Refuel the body. Before exercising, you can supplement some energy and water appropriately to keep your body vigorous.

3. Be kind to your body. Don't train too hard in pursuit of runner's pleasure so as not to hurt your body. And the pleasure of runner's pleasure can't cover up the discomfort that runner may feel when running.

4. Running with people or listening to music. Man is a social animal. Talking and interacting with his companions can help runners relax their body and mood. Beautiful music is also a "magic weapon" to promote physical and mental relaxation.

Tips: There is no way to ensure that runners can get pleasure from runners, but even if they don't, running will also benefit runners a lot, such as improving cardiopulmonary function, increasing vital capacity, maintaining a full and optimistic mood, increasing the strength and density of bones, promoting metabolism, reducing cholesterol levels and so on.