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Bite the tongue exercise, invigorate the spleen and brain

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According to TCM, the tongue is closely related to the viscera, the tip of the tongue belongs to the heart, the edge of the tongue belongs to the spleen, the root of the tongue belongs to the kidney, the sides of the tongue belong to the liver, and the center of the tongue belongs to the stomach. Regular movement of the tongue can prevent aging and stimulate salivary gland secretion. Increased saliva is not only beneficial to the human body to improve the digestive and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach, but also to dispel dry mouth, bitter mouth and halitosis. The food tastes fragrant, appetite increases, nutrition improves and absorbs, naturally conducive to the recovery of chronic diseases and the improvement of immunity of the elderly.

The middle and the edge of the tongue are the spleen-stomach reflex area, the spleen is the acquired basis, and the source of Qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen and stomach function is healthy, the Qi and blood will be vigorous; on the contrary, if the spleen is not healthy and the qi, blood and body fluid are insufficient, the spirit will be depressed, the face will be pale and yellow. Tooth biting can stimulate the secretion of salivary glands to increase and moisturize the intestines and stomach. Old people with stiff tongue and bad coordination between teeth and tongue often bite and move their tongue frequently, which can greatly improve the disharmony. Ancient medical experts highly praised this method.

The tongue is the forerunner organ of the brain, and the lingual nerve connects the brain. When the human body is aging, the most significant change is the inflexibility of the tongue. Therefore, regular tongue biting can also indirectly stimulate the brain to prevent brain atrophy.

The method of biting the tongue: The lips are closed gently, and the upper and lower teeth are moved from the tip of the tongue to the base of the tongue so as not to reach it. The tongue biting should be light and painless. Do it twice a day (after getting up in the morning and washing, before going to bed at night). Moving the tongue is also a good way to exercise. Specific methods: Driven by the root of the tongue, the body of the tongue moves up and down about 30 times in the mouth. When saliva increases, gargle 5-10 times and swallow 3 times.