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Often do heel impact on the ground, can prevent osteoporosis

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Older women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than older men. Improving sports, diet and other living habits is the basic measure to prevent osteoporosis. Professor Ota Boming, from the Women's Medical Center of Yamamoto Medical Center in Japan, suggests that people often do a heel bump to the ground to strengthen their bones.

The specific method is: stand upright with your feet together, your hands can support the chair, stand on your heels, support with your toes, and then "thump" down your heels. Do it every 2 seconds and repeat it 50 times. Through the action of heel collision, the skeleton will be impacted to a certain extent. "Nearly three times the weight of the burden can stimulate the activity of bone cells, so that the skeleton is harder." Professor Ota said.