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Practice squatting and kneepad

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To enjoy life and embrace nature, you have to have a healthy body and flexible knees. Squat every day, you can have a healthy knee joint.

The muscle above the knee joint is called quadriceps femoris. Its main function is to straighten the knee joint. Quiet squatting can exercise quadriceps femoris muscle, which can not only enhance strength, but also improve the regulation of knee joint weight-bearing state, increase knee joint static and gait stability, alleviate impact on knee joint, reduce weight-bearing and stress, and alleviate osteoarthritis.

Squatting posture requirements: standing, chest raised, feet shoulder width, toes forward, not inside, outside the eight words, not only exercise strength, but also do not increase patellofemoral joint pressure, slowly squat to 30-45 degrees (as shown in the figure), static until the knees are sore, obvious tremor, then get up and walk slowly and relax. Early, middle and late groups, each group 3 times, 1 minute interval, exercise concentrate, natural relaxation.

For those whose knee joint strength is seriously insufficient and can not squat quietly, they can squat quietly against the wall first, and wait for strength improvement before squatting quietly. For fitness enthusiasts, squatting against the wall can exercise strength, but it is easy to cause knee instability. In order to protect the knee joint and prevent the occurrence of arthropathy, it is recommended not to squat against the wall.